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Fumsoft helps with the creation, training, qualification and development of entrepreneurs and software developers of Minas Gerais to ensure success in the global market. The institution has worked since 1992 as a representative for the Information Technology (IT) sector, offering several programs targeted at business development in the state.

Programs offered are in the areas of entrepreneurship, qualification and certification of software developers, business generation, research, development and innovation (RD & I), cooperative work, exportation, among others.

The organization, based in Belo Horizonte, works with Rede Softex – Associação para Promoção da Excelência do Software Brasileiro (Softex Network – Association for the Promotion of Brazilian Software Excellence).  Fumsoft is also part of the project “Projeto de Desenvolvimento e Fortalecimento da Indústria de Software de Belo Horizonte e RMBH” (“Development and Strengthening of the Software Industry of Belo Horizonte RMBH “), created in 2005 by organizations representing the IT sector, in partnership with Sebrae / MG, private institutions, the Municipality of Belo Horizonte and the State Government, in order to increase competitiveness and expand the market for companies that make up the Arranjo Produtivo Local (APL) (Local Productive Complex) of Software in BH.

The institution’s participation with various areas of government contributes to the development of public policies for the IT industry in the state capital, the state itself, and across the country. Along with other representatives of the sector, Fumsoft is part of the Conselho Empresarial de Informática de Minas Gerais (Ceinfor) (Business Council of Technology of Minas Gerais), a common agenda which reinforces collaboration in favor of the companies.


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