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> Acelera-MG

Does your startup need a “helping hand” to reach the rest of world? Technological and market consulting, mentoring with experienced professionals, infrastructure, access to investors, partnerships with major national and multinational companies, an environment conducive to technology-based entrepreneurship, leveraging the generation of innovative products and services that are competitive globally. As one of the nine proposals approved by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) and part of the program Start-up Brazil, Acelera-MG provides everything needed for new companies to thrive in Brazil.





1. Ability to receive financial investment

The Government of Minas Gerais, through Fapemig, has committed to investing matching funds from the Federal Government. In addition, participating companies can count on resources such as Sebrae and BDMG, which have also pledged to support the project with their development programs and support services. In addition to these resources, companies can rely on investment funds that have already formally agreed to support to the project, such as FIR Capital, Confrapar, Wing Capital and Araújo Fontes.

2. Key Company Contact

Acelera-MG works with key companies such as, Cemig, Oi S/A, Hospital de Olhos, PC Sistemas, Telvent, Infosys, in addition to an extensive network of companies that are part of the IT cluster of Minas Gerais and are associated with organizations that represent the segment: Assespro-MG, Fumsoft, Sindinfor e Sucesu Minas.

3. Qualified Mentors

Afonso Cozzi Flávia Maria Proença Guerra       Robert Pereira Pinto   
Albelio Nunes da Fonseca Dias Frederico Menegatti Rodrigo Esteves 
André Furtado Fonseca Geovane Rodrigues  Rodrigo Fernandes Moreira
Bruno Andrade Alves Gustavo Caetano Ronald Durchfort
Diego Túlio Tomaz Gomes  Henrique Diniz Mascarenhas Thiago Turchetti Maia
Eduardo Véras  Ivan Moura Campos Wilson Caldeira da Silva
Eric Olsson Luiz Tangari Pereira  Yuri Gitahy
Evgeniya Shamis Paulo Adriano Borges  
Ezequiel de Melo Campos Netto      Paulo Renato Macedo Cabral  
Fernando Campos Ricardo Guimarães  


4. Basic Services
– Physical facilities and infrastructure
– Mentoring in business management
– Access to state innovation grants and guidance for creating proposals
– Advice in legal, media, finance, technology, marketing, visual communication, mergers and acquisitions, and more
– Training in marketing, sales, strategy, corporate sales, direct sales, digital channels, human resource management, finance, globalization, preparation for Due Diligence, and more
– Introducing the startup to your segment’s contact network, through relationships with key companies and business partners
– Print services and external mail
– Access to investors
– Business networking through events involving heads of IT companies in Minas Gerais, and other relevant stakeholders in the corporate world

Tipical week on Acelera-MG


5. Monetization model

Acelera-MG receives equity of 4% from each startup. Furthermore, although optional and at the discretion of the startup, special services may be purchased, through the equity from the operators of special services (4% per service up to a limit of 20%).



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Watch the video of the workshop about Start-Up Brasil and Acelera-MG



Startups interested in participating should download the tender and submit the proposal through the plataform of the program. More information can be found at Start-up Brasil. Ninety startups will be chosen in 2013, and these startups will be able to choose which of the nine accelerators will coordinate their process of acceleration.




More details about the project Acelera-MG will be coming on this page. Sign up to receive updates by sending an e-mail to comunica@fumsoft.org.br.