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> Célula PUC Minas


Through an agreement with PUC Minas, Fumsoft annually welcomes students interested in developing an innovative idea Acceleration Program in Célula PUC Minas. Started in 2005, the project has supported the founding of successful entrepreneurs. The initiative is the result of joint work between the two institutions and aims to offer students the opportunity to develop technology-based enterprises in computing.

The challenge for students is to build the Business Model of their future company and partially develop the product or service. To help students in this journey the programs offers: management consulting, business guidance, free participation in various courses, trainings and lectures, as well as physical space and all the necessary support to turn ideas into businesses.

How it works

During a period of six months, participants go through a mentoring process for the preparation of the Business Plan and rely on the help of consultants, who seek to guide them in areas such as Management, Marketing and Finance. During this period, entrepreneurs participate in free courses, lectures and trainings focused on the management of the business. The support also includes a physical space within Fumsoft including a workstation with furniture, telephone, broadband internet connection and other necessary infrastructure.

Participants can also take advantage of meeting rooms and the auditorium of the institution. The main benefit, however, is the coexistence with other entrepreneurs of Information Technology (IT) in a rich environment of innovation that allows the exchange of technological and managerial experience. At the end of the program, participants are evaluated and, if approved, may choose to continue the process of development in the Acceleration Program Startups of Fumsoft.