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Some of the advantages Fumsoft offers its members:

* Venues for meetings and events

* Access to business opportunities

* Channels of communication for corporate disclosure

* Lectures and events for networking and information gathering

* Courses and training with subsidized costs

* Strategic information on the IT market

* Access to a wide network of corporate relationships

* Support for the creation and consolidation of innovative business

* Quality certification process

* Missions

* Business roundtables with foreign companies

* Raising funds for innovative projects

* Project management research and development (R & D)


How to join

Qualquer empresa da cadeia produtiva de Tecnologia da Informação (TI) pode se associar à Fumsoft. Basta encaminhar os documentos listados abaixo para o e-mail comunica@fumsoft.org.br (escaneados) ou para a Avenida Afonso Pena, 4000 – 3º andar – Cruzeiro – Belo Horizonte / MG – CEP: 30130-009.





Any company in the supply chain of information technology (IT) can join Fumsoft. Simply submit the documents listed below to comunica@fumsoft.org.br via email (scanned) or to Avenida Afonso Pena, 4000 – 3rd floor – Cruzeiro – Belo Horizonte / MG – CEP: 30130-009. 

After approval by the board of the association, Fumsoft will issue an invoice including the membership dues and the first month’s fee, according to the category where the company best fits. The membership fee will have the same value as the monthly membership contribution. The following fees must be sent via bank payment due on the 15th day of each month.

Members can opt for monthly payment with 3% discount or annual payment with 5% discount.


Membership Categories:

Category 1 – 0-1 employees: R$ 35.00 monthly

Category 2 – 2-15 employees: R$ 74.00 monthly

Category 3 – 16-50 employees: R$ 101.00 monthly

Category 4 – more than 50 employees: R$ 128.00 monthly


* The amounts are adjusted annually based on IGP-M

For more information call: (31) 3281-1324.