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> Support for businesses


Globalization is a movement that directly or indirectly affects businesses of all sizes, regardless of whether they intend to export or only work domestically. Therefore, Fumsoft develops, through its Center for Software Exports, efforts to support the internationalization of companies of Minas Gerais. The goal is to promote the protection and expansion of market prospects and foster the possibility of exchanges with partners in other countries.

Business Areas

Funding: seeking public funds to finance actions of export business.

Opportunities: international demands communication and approximation between Minas Gerais companies and foreign buyers and partners.

Training: completion of courses, seminars, local lectures and meetings, national and international mobilization and preparation for the practice of export companies.

Business: promotion of trade shows, missions and roundtables aimed at presenting the business to the international market.



Business Mission Mozambique (August 4-12, 2012)

Business Mission Minas Gerais – Portugal (April 20-28 2012)