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Every organization produces a large amount of information that can be managed strategically to reduce costs while increasing revenue and productivity. Using the identification of market demand and international trends, Fumsoft creates a new initiative based on consulting and training in the area of ​​Data Management. The goal is to train professionals in Information Technology (IT) in order to understand how the data can be used as organizational assets, bringing results for companies.

The new line is part of the activities of the Quality of Fumsoft, which has successfully developed the implementation of quality models of software processes (MPS.Br and CMMI). The work is coordinated by Carlos Barbieri, an expert in Business Intelligence (BI) and author of three books on the subject. In 2013, the institution will develop training in the areas of Science (Data Science), Strategic Management (Data Management and Data Governance) Dimensional Modeling and Data.

“The profile of companies in Management and Data Governance”

This study was conducted in October and November of 2012 by the Data Management Association Brazil (Dama-BR) and Fumsoft. Due to the global growth theme, this work became important for companies to understand better how data management is currently being considered in the country.

The research used a structured questionnaire, which was administered online with the business leaders who were invited. Eighteen issues were prepared based on DMBOK (Corpo de Conhecimento em Gestão de Dados da Dama Internacional). In all, 76 companies participated in the study that made up a group relevant to the analysis of data management.

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The research coordinator, Carlos Barbieri, developed a complete analysis of the data collected, indicating the strengths and weaknesses of companies in data governance. Access this document here.

Fumsoft also provides a summary of the speech DMBOK also conducted by Barbieri. Check it out here.