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Fumsoft operates with the improvement of production processes and software services through its Center of Competence in Software Quality. The goal of this core knowledge is to enable the national and international certification companies of Minas Gerais, promoting the development and dissemination of quality models valued by the market.

Why get certified?

The qualification process is reflected by internal and external companies. Adopting software engineering practices aligned to the international standards of production creates productivity gains by reducing time and investment in projects. For the market, certification is a competition, seen by customers as the quality assurance of products and services offered by companies.

Implementation process

Every company that develops software is able to claim the MPS.BR. The company must have at least ten employees, and thus be able to allocate people to identifying and implementing processes. There are two types of deployment models: Cooperative, defined by Softex, and specific, defined according to the needs of the company.

The Cooperative Model is financially supported by Softex. The total duration is 15 months, 12 months of implementation and 3 more for evaluation. The schedule includes the completion of milestones and technical requirement achievements for the company to continue receiving the contribution. The consultants for implementation should be made by an Implementation Institution (II) accredited by Softex.

In the Specific Model the schedule, milestones, and scope are defined in terms of the objectives of the companies, which bear the costs of the project. In this model, the project can include both an individual company as well as group of companies. The difference between Model Specific Individual and Group Specific Model is that in the second case, the companies share the costs of collective activities and must agree on a common timeline.

The implementation process of Fumsoft is accomplished through the activities of initial diagnosis, education/training, executive consulting, critical analysis and the diagnosis Pre-Assessment. The amount depends on the level of consultants that the company intends to use, ranging from 60 to 100 hours, which are divided into four-hour meetings.

Beginning implementation does not require any kind of training. During the process, training courses are offered for companies already included in the plan. The obligation of the company basically consists of appointing one or more representatives with autonomy to design, monitor and participate in the implementation activities, giving all the support.


niveis de qualificação MPS.BR



• Configuration Management
• Measurement
• Quality Management
• Statistical Process Control
• Management Requirements
• Management Disputes
• Project Management
• Software Testing (Verification and Validation)
• Function Point Analysis
• Agile Methodologies

Official courses of Softex MPS.BR

• C1 – Introduction Course MPS.BR
• C2 – Course for Implementers MPS.BR
• C4 – Course for Software Acquisition